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Speedy Back Order fill Location Fix™

The Speedy Back Order fill Location Fix program consolidates locations for unique SKUs in each Sale, Even-Exchange, or Inter-Store Transfer order that had been previously reserved by the enterprise system from multiple locations throughout the warehouse. This should solve many not-in-location and open-carton issues before they occur.

Items such as dining room chairs, which might be packed 2 or 4 to a box, are sometimes reserved into different sales or Inter-Store-Transfers, making it inefficient for picking. Warehouse personnel may disregard the assigned locations, causing future inventory control problems. This program addresses and alleviates these issues by un-reserving and re-reserving items to consolidate an order's inventory into a single location, wherever possible. As the locations of each item are reallocated, the transactions are logged into the database and can be viewed through the system's Inventory Transaction Query screen. The program handles warehouses both with and without Radio Frequency inventory processing enabled.

Speedy Credit Card Match Off™

The Speedy Credit Card Match Off program lists discrepancies between the credit card batch files and the transactions that have not been populated into the enterprise system's database - considered to be "ghost" charges. These sometimes appear if the network was disrupted during a transaction, or if a salesperson escaped from the screen after the credit card information was captured but before the order was committed. The effect is that the customer's credit card has been charged twice, but the database only reports a single transaction.

The program determines the correct customer, document, and card number of any duplicate record using the imbedded account-numbers, to help accounting correct the missing or duplicated transactions - before the customer calls to complain about the charges on their credit card.

Speedy Non-Dropped SKUs Un-fill™

The Speedy Non-Dropped SKUs Un-fill program allows un-reserving merchandise for non-dropped SKUs only. This allows retaining the reserved merchandise that was previously allocated for dropped SKUs. The un-reserved merchandise is logged into the enterprise table which allows the Refill program to automatically re-reserve the merchandise, if desired. The program handles warehouses both with and without Radio Frequency inventory processing enabled.

Speedy Sales History Purge and Update™*

The Speedy Sales History Purge and Update program allows clearing and rebuilding sales-history in a single step for one month at a time. It has been documented to process quite quickly. This is especially useful when it is required to update sales-history for the last year or two. The program can be stacked in the scheduler and left alone to process without operator intervention.

The LAST-SALES-HISTORY-UPDATE-DATE is updated only when it's processed for a date range that is past the LAST-SALES-HISTORY-UPDATE-DATE. This allows new orders to be entered into the system while the program is processing.

Speedy A/R Finance Funding™*

The Speedy A/R Finance Funding program electronically reconciles the finance provider's A/R account in seconds, using data transmitted from the financial institution in Microsoft® Excel® format, as well as alternative formats. The program determines the correct customer and invoice using the imbedded account-numbers to ensure that the proper A/R invoices are offset.

Separate reports for Processed Transactions and Error Transactions list and summarize the good and bad/invalid records for accounting. The program additionally reports and summarizes the Detailed Accepted Transactions to allow matching to the funding report from the finance provider. Speedy Finance Funding perfectly complements the electronic private label credit-card interface.

Speedy Bank Reconciliation™*

The Speedy Bank Reconciliation program provides for electronic reconciliation of bank accounts using data transmitted from your bank in industry standard Bank Administration Institute (BAI®) formatted (comma-delimited) records, as well as alternative formats. Using the program, the accounting department can quickly clear checks and deposits in just a few minutes each day, rather than the long and tedious manual process now required using the standard bank-reconciliation screen. The program has recently been enhanced to allow matching entered deposits either one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one with transactions transmitted from the bank.

Because the cleared date is the actual date that the bank has processed the check/deposit, the information that is provided through the standard bank-account transaction lookup screen is accurate and up-to-date. Separate Detail Register (Cleared Transactions) and Error Register reports list and summarize the good and bad/invalid transactions for accounting.

This program additionally reports account status/summary information, such as ledger balance, total float amount, etc., that is provided within the bank's daily transmission. (A table of transaction/summary-type codes, containing nearly 500 entries, as defined by the Bank Administration Institute's Cash Management Balance Reporting Specifications Version 2 Technical Reference Manual, is provided with the program to identify each code's description and action.)

Speedy A/R Zero Balance Transfer™

The Speedy A/R Zero Balance Transfer program allows automatically transferring A/R balance differences between non-zero balance invoices for every customer with a zero balance. This handles invoices with one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships, so that every invoice for these customers will become zero balanced. This is a time-saving feature for retailers who wish to archive and purge A/R transactions by invoice rather than by customer.

Speedy Inventory Average Cost Update™*

The Speedy Inventory Average Cost Update program is an alternative to the standard program that maintains the item-inventory-level-history table, which is used by several programs to calculate inventory turns and GMROI. This custom program has been documented to process very quickly. The improved performance allows running the update every night without system degradation, rather than weekly (or even monthly), resulting in greater accuracy in the calculation of inventory turns and GMROI.

Speedy Inventory Snapshot™*

The Speedy Inventory Snapshot report is an alternative to the standard program for reporting inventory detail (quantities and dollar amounts). This custom program has been documented to process quite quickly. It additionally shows each SKU's drop-code in its detail report.

The detail report is optional and the program offers additional optional summary reports as follows:

  • Ageing Summary
  • Summary by Major
  • Summary by Minor
  • Summary by Store within Division
  • Summary by Major within Vendor
  • Summary by Minor within Vendor
  • Summary by Major within Store
  • Summary by Minor within Store
  • Summary by Vendor within Major
  • Summary by Vendor within Minor
  • Summary by Vendor within Store
Note that each of these summaries can be run for Raw Costs, Landed Costs, Retail Prices, or a combination of all three. The Ageing Summary produces a FLAT data file with tab-separated columns for each ageing period which is summarized by store, type (prime, reserved, inter-store-transfers, not-available-for-sale, outlet, and service), major, minor, and not-available-for-sale/outlet code. It is intended to be easily downloaded into a spreadsheet for use by a financial analyst.

Speedy Open Accounts Receivable™ and Transaction Summary*

The Speedy Open Accounts Receivable report is an alternative to the standard program for reporting open accounts receivable balances. This custom report has been documented to process very quickly. The Summary option (which can be run simultaneously with the Detail option) produces a FLAT data file with tab-separated columns for downloading into a spreadsheet for use by a financial analyst. Additional features of the program include:
  • Each customer's sort-code and type-code are printed with their total line.

  • An option to age invoices based on either the oldest date (of the first deposit) or the finalized date of the sale.

  • Column headings for every selected past-due-type (up to twenty-four) are appropriately printed.
A companion program, Speedy A/R (balance and) Transaction Summary™, quickly lists the transaction summary totals for Open, Revolving, and Installment A/R to assist in daily or monthly balancing.

Speedy Monthly Reports Output Comparison™ *

The Speedy Monthly Reports Output Comparison program greatly reduces the time spent manually comparing reports at end-of-month to determine the accuracy of sales history data. In about two minutes, vs. several hours of manual effort, it compares the grand totals from the written and delivered versions of six standard reports (item sales analysis, sales summary by major, sales register, salesperson detail, salesperson performance, and salesperson ranking). It also compares each individual salesperson's totals from the three salesperson reports. The program will give warning messages if the totals do not match within a threshold entered at runtime. The program quickly allows management a chance to purge and reprocess the sales history updates for the month before distribution of the reports and finalization of the month's statistics.

Note that for ease of reprocessing, this program saves every runtime answer (the month's date range, the program-ID of each individual report, and the difference-threshold) so they're automatically filled for in the next time. This is especially helpful, because the reports that read from raw (vs. sales-history) data will not change and would not need to be rerun.

Speedy Auto-Fill of Service Parts™ *

The Speedy Auto-Fill of Service Parts program closes a gap in the standard system. It allows filling parts SKUs that have been added to a service order and reports all orders that have been completely filled. The store-fill-priority runtime parameter is preserved for the next time the program is processed.

The accompanying Unreserved Service Parts with No Stock and no open POs report assists customer service in identifying problem service orders.

Speedy Vendor Score Card™ *

The Speedy Vendor Score Card report is an alternative to the standard program for monitoring vendor performance. This report runs very quickly due to its use of data repository tables created expressly for its use. (All vendors can be reported in just a couple of minutes, while a single vendor will report in a matter of seconds.) These data repository tables are updated in just a few minutes nightly by two custom programs that are provided in conjunction with the report. The report itself allows sorting by vendor either alphabetically or by its ranking (based on MTY, MLY, YTY, or YLY delivered retail). If sorting by delivered retail, the maximum number of vendors to report may be established at runtime (e.g. your top 10 or 20). The report shows the following information by major within vendor, with grand totals by major:

  • Sales totals (for both written and delivered business): unit and retail dollar totals; retail percent to total; and landed-gross-margin. For each column reported, the program lists this year's month-to-date, last year's month-to-date, this year-to-date, last year-to-date, and percent-variances (MTY vs. MLY and YTY vs. YLY).

  • Inventory totals average-inventory quantity, cost, and percent to total; average inventory turn; and average delivered GMROI. For each column reported, the program lists this year's month-to-date, last year's month-to-date, this year-to-date, last year-to-date, and percent-variances (MTY vs. MLY and YTY vs. YLY).

  • Purchase Order totals (separately for inventory and parts merchandise): received units; cost and percent-to-total; retail and percent-to-total; gross margin; number of PO's; average days for PO's received; average days for each item to be received; number of PO's delayed; and number of items delayed. For each column reported, the program lists this year's month-to-date, last year's month-to-date, this year-to-date, last year-to-date, and percent-variances (MTY vs. MLY and YTY vs. YLY).
* There are restrictions and stipulations that are associated with this software. Certain conditions must be met prior to the licensing of this suite of programs. Please contact Emergent Retail Services, Inc. at (760) 476-0220 for specific details.

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